5 Home Improvement Projects to Enhance Your Vacation Home

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5 Home Improvement Projects to Enhance Your Vacation Home

As a vacation homeowner, you want your property to be a cut above the rest. Whether your second home is your second source of income, or you genuinely want to improve your guest experience, sometimes a well-thought-out transformation for your space is just what the doctor ordered. We’re here to help you figure out what’s worth renovating in your vacation rental home!

1. Boost Your Curb Appeal

Between its listing on a vacation rental site to a guest’s first glance at check-in, the exterior of a vacation home is the first thing to catch a renter’s eye. To make that first impression count, your vacation property must have curb appeal.

Luckily, making eye-catching upgrades outside can be as creative or straightforward as you’d like it to be. Consider the last time you gave the outside of the home a fresh coat of paint. Although it varies based on location and climate, most professional painters suggest that you paint every five to ten years. Don’t forget to paint cracked or chipped decks and other wooden elements outdoors too. Even a fresh, new color on the front door is simple enough to wow your guests!

Is your place not quite ready for a paint job? Rent a pressure washer to clean old paint (or prep for new paint when it’s time). Once the biggest job is out of the way, give some attention to other exterior projects like the landscape. Planting fresh flowers or trimming shrubbery can add a tasteful touch!

2. Remodel The Kitchen

When we think of vacations, we often equate it with dining out – which may explain why some vacation homeowners neglect to modernize their property’s kitchen space. But believe it or not, a kitchen remodel is one of the top home upgrades with the best return on investment! Not sure where to start? A good rule of thumb is to aim to spend around five percent of your home’s value on your kitchen renovation. Then, to further budget accordingly, evaluate standard kitchen remodeling costs. Doing so will help you choose which renovation ideas to move forward with.

If you want your guests to feel at ease, keep in mind factors such as functionality and serenity. There’s nothing worse than a coffee maker that’s on the fritz when you’re trying to enjoy the morning sunrise on vacation, so ensure that all appliances are up to date. If not, it’s time to consider replacing them, perhaps with more energy-efficient options. Other ideas for your kitchen reno might include new flooring or cabinets, too, especially if your property’s current ones are warped form that salty, sea air. Here’s some more ideas for a budget kitchen remodel.

3. Optimize Lighting

In addition to upgrading appliances, it’s also a great time to replace and revive the lighting throughout the house. Lighting is known to affect mood, so be mindful of the feeling you wish to convey when selecting fixtures for each room.

For example, bright or blue-toned light keeps us alert, which may be ideal for a bathroom or kitchen. While spaces designated for relaxation, such as a living room or bedroom, would benefit from soft, warm lighting. By carefully selecting lighting fixtures, lightbulbs, and even windows, you’ll provide your guest with a relaxing ambiance that will keep them satisfied and coming back year after year!

4. Account For Bedroom Amenities

Guests want the luxury of a nice vacation home while also feeling as close to the comfort of their own homes as possible. When renovating your vacation rental property, ditch outdated furniture and opt for little extra luxuries that won’t break your renovation budget.

Begin your guest bedroom overhaul by replacing any old, worn-out mattresses with cost-friendly friendly mattress options to provide your guests with a better night’s rest. Don’t forget to account for any additional visitors that may tag along by providing extra sleeping spaces with a new pull-out couch or air mattress. And for the little ones – investing in a crib will sure to please families vacationing with their little ones!

5. Install Safety Upgrades

Travelers have enough to worry about as it is – but staying safe at their vacation home shouldn’t be one of them. Perhaps one of the most beneficial upgrades you can make to your rental property is to install safety features throughout the space, starting with a home security system.

A vacation home security system will keep both you and your guests at ease. Not to mention, some systems include video doorbells, remote garage controls, as well as carbon monoxide detection. Additionally, adding motion-sensor lights to your property will help illuminate entryways for guests and keep potential intruders at bay.

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