Are you Thinking of Selling your Vacation Home?

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It is to be expected that most owners of vacation homes, when it comes time to think about selling, they have so many questions that need to be answered before they move forward with the sales process. This is totally fine.

Especially with vacation homes, the sales process is a specialised process, so making sure that you are dealing with a Brokerage that is well versed with dealing with this type of sale is the very first step to take. Then from there, getting all of your questions answered and making sure that you are taking a look at a property evaluation report (FREE service, just ask) – then request a Seller’s Net Proceeds Sheet (FREE service, just ask) so that you can know what fee’s are involved in the WHOLE selling process and not just the real estate commission fee. It is vitally important for you to have ALL your questions answered and seeing those 2 pieces of information before you make that final decision to sell your vacation home.

We are here to help you every step of the day. We are specialised in working with vacation homes and will walk you through the whole process from start to finish and beyond.

A great way to start is to start asking your questions (doesn’t matter how may, that’s what we are here for) – we are here to serve. So, please fire away. Any question is a good question.

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