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Davenport is located south of I-4 in Polk County. The city is closer to Lakeland than Orlando, but is close enough to Disney and sprawling suburbs of South Orlando to be considered on this list. The city can trace its roots back to the 1830s and had a strong military presence during the Second Seminole War. Downtown Davenport is small, untouched, and not conveniently located for the average Davenport resident. Most homeowners live in northern Davenport, close to I-4 and Hwy 27. This section of town has also experienced the most growth compared with other parts of Davenport. Lots of big box stores, housing communities, and shopping centers fill the section along highway 27 and I-4, and slowly dissipate the further out you travel.


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Airboat tours and hot-air balloon tours (highly recommended) are some exciting things to experience near Davenport. You are also 20 minutes to Disney, which is really convenient. The drive along Davenport to Disney is also a simple one, with minimal turns. Also in Davenport is the Northeast Regional Park, which features a walking trail, sports fields, and a small boat launch into Old Lake Davenport.

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