Could Disney Be Looking To Add An “Amazon Prime” Style Membership Program?

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Image: Disney

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Disney is exploring an ‘Amazon Prime’ style membership which could “offer discounts or special perks to encourage customers to spend more on its streaming services, theme parks, resorts and merchandise.”

So far, discussions are just beginning, meaning we don’t currently have information regarding the potential price of this service or when or if it will become available. This new membership would be in addition to Disney+ and would be aimed at more casual Disney fans so we are assuming the price point wouldn’t be too high.

Disney fans already have the opportunity to join D23 and can become a Gold Member for $99.99/year + shipping/handling and applicable fees giving them access to further information and events during the year as well as a discount on tickets to the very popular D23 Expo.

The new proposed membership plan would aim to offer more value for customers and most importantly for Disney would encourage them to spend more and would also give Disney vital information about members preferences.

We will keep you posted on this as events unfold!

From, Amy at Vacay & Co Real Estate.

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