How is the Real Estate Market in Orlando?

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Governer Gov. De Santis ruled the Executive Order for Real Estate Services to continue ‘business as usual’ and it certainly has been ‘business as usual’. The vacation home real estate market specifically has been very brisk and sales continue!

The main reason behind this is the fact that the inventory in Osceola, Polk, Haines City & South Clermont (short term rental area’s specifically) has been at an all time low in the past 12 months! In the last 6 months, historically low. A lot buyers who came out for viewing trips during this time, went back to their respective Countries/ States empty handed. Lack of inventory meant that they just couldn’t find their dream vacation home or investment property and returned back with the hopes to find something during their next viewing trip. Now because these buyers cannot make their 2nd viewings trips, they are deciding to purchase ‘sight unseen’ and so the market has been busy!

Also, on top of that there has been a lot of local buyers waiting for a great home to come on the market and relocators moving down for ‘front line’ jobs or jobs deemed necessary, namely 5G installers / engineers / project managers etc moving from various states in the USA.

Some owners who plan to sell their vacation homes / investment properties this year who have listed have been pleased to gain full priced offers or close along with great terms and conditions and as yet there are no discounters out there.

As for the projections for the coming year, nobody knows what is to come with the real estate market and so if you are planning to sell in this upcoming year, contact us today for a FREE Property Evaluation and Seller’s Net Proceeds Sheet.


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