How to Drive Guest Referrals to Your Kissimmee Vacation Home

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Reaching more potential guests who are looking for vacation homes like yours is the key to long-term success in the short-term rental market. Many short-term rental owners rely on social media and online booking sites to promote their vacation homes. But don’t overlook the power of direct marketing.

If you’re looking for ways to drive more guest referrals to your Orlando Vacation Home here are some easy ways to deliver a more memorable experience that guests will share with others.

Create a Referral System

Giving your guests a reason to refer your home to friends and family members is the best way to drive referrals to your vacation rental home. One way to make this process easy, and generate new business for your property, is to print referral cards that guests can pass along to others.

You can offer incentives such as a discount on their next stay or a gift card they can receive when they send a new guest to your home. Make sure you include your contact details, such as phone, email and property address on the referral card so future guests can easily book a stay with you. 

Help Your Guests Get Around Once They Arrive

Travel guests often need recommendations on what to do and see during their stay. Giving each guest their own copy of a printed map can help them get the most out of their visit.

It shows guests your commitment to making sure they have a memorable experience. They’ll appreciate the extra effort and will be more likely to refer your home to the people they know.

Include your home’s website or a QR code on the map so it’s easy for others to learn more about your home and make a reservation. You’ll find a number of map-making companies that offer online software for this purpose, such as and Google Maps offers this feature too.  

Gift Cards for Guests

You don’t have to wait for a guest to refer your home to others before giving them something special. Investing in gift cards to local restaurants, events, and other attractions can lead to an increase in referrals.

A gift card is one of the simplest ways to show your appreciation to guests. But more importantly, your guests will remember their stay at your home, and they’ll let others know how well they were taken care of. Pro Tip: Homeowners may be able to get discounts on gift cards when local businesses know they’re sending their guests over on a regular basis.

Welcome Your Guests with a Gift Basket

Gift baskets are always a welcome surprise. But not every homeowner goes to the trouble of offering one to their guests, causing them to miss out on the opportunity to drive more referrals to their Kissimmee vacation home.

Gift baskets can include items your guests can enjoy during their stay, including coffee, tea, fresh fruit, candles, and personal care items. Include a referral card with your gift basket so guests keep you in mind when their friends and family are looking for a vacation destination.

Knowing how to drive guest referrals to your Orlando Vacation Home can boost your bookings and help you create a more consistent income stream from your real estate investment! As soon as you establish returning guests and referrals, it gets much easier to run your investment home because you don’t need to keep on chasing new potential customers and you can begin to cut down on your marketing efforts because you are filling your home with return guests and referrals from your happy guests!

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