How to gain some Premium Bookings post COVID-19

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Most vacation home owners in Orlando have been doing really well with their bookings each year and that is great! Long may it continue post – corona virus outbreak!

Of course nobody knows the future, so maybe this is a great time for you to start thinking about some unique offerings you can start to incorporate (if you have not done so already) into your vacation homes!

Don’t just follow the crowd though with a games rooms in the garage (I think people are getting a little bored with those now). Let’s start to think outside of the box a little and get those creative minds flowing with some unique ideas! It is great marketing for your villa to offer some things that are different to other villa offerings. What’s that saying “when people zig, your zag!” So true!

Of course all these extras are NO good, if you are not going to be taking professional pictures and marketing them in the best way possible! All the HUGE positives in your Villa, you need to have upfront! Top of mind for your prospective renters! If you have an amazing pool! Use this picture 1st! Then all the other unique offerings next!

I have drawn up a Top Tips for some Unique Extras you could add to your Villa (not expensive).

Just think for 2021, you could start to gain some PREMIUM BOOKINGS, this will make up for any losses in 2020!

CLICK HERE to view my Top Tips Checklist!

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