How to Keep Your Orlando Vacation Rental Safe and Secure

Secure Your Home Before a Vacation

The most successful home investors know how to keep their Orlando holiday homes safe and secure all year round. Protecting your home at all times prevents the issues that lead to costly damages and other losses.

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out While You’re Away

Your vacation home should look occupied when it’s vacant. Maintaining its exterior, picking up incoming mail, and turning on lights keep would-be intruders away.

If you live too far away to manage your vacation rental property, ask a family member or neighbor to look after your home for you. Or consider hiring a professional property manager; they can help you secure rental guests too.

Store your valuable personal items in the home or a nearby storage facility. Many homeowners use safes in their homes to protect their belongings until they return.

Manage Your Privacy When Renting Out Your Holiday Home

The photos you share on vacation rental websites give guests a clear idea of the features in your home. But don’t provide details that give away its location or other sensitive information.

Only give your property’s address once someone has booked their stay. Wait until the booking fee has been processed before telling them how to access your rental property.

Be careful when advertising your home on social media. Letting others know when your home is available can let unwanted visitors know when your property is vacant at any given time.

Vacation Rental Security and Surveillance

A reliable security and surveillance system is the best way to protect your home. High-quality cameras let you keep an eye on your home’s exterior and interior areas.

Lights that work on timers or motion sensors keep your home illuminated and make it look occupied when no one’s home. Ask neighbors to keep an eye on your home and to report any unusual activity.

Give your guests a secure way to access your home using automated systems for checking in. Smart locks and other tools give homeowners many options for letting others access their rental properties.

Your rental guests want to protect their belongings when they’re not in the home, so give them the information they need to use your home’s alarm system during their stay. Provide a list of emergency contacts and phone numbers for the local police, fire station, and other resources.

Protecting their Orlando vacation homes is one of the ways that owners maximize the value their home offers to their rental guests. Making sure your home looks occupied while your away and using the right security systems give you the protection you need to get the most out of owning your holiday home.

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