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Disney News:


​(Updated 4/6/20) – Disney has just suspended the Walt Disney World College and Cultural programs until further notice. This likely indicates a longer than expected closure of the parks.

​Disney has also recently announced a policy change for Annual Passholders during the Disney World closure for refunds, as well as updating the reservations to June 1 and after.

Now that Walt Disney World and the other parks are closed, we are going to answer all your questions that you have regarding your vacation. We’ll explain how to get a refund, how to reschedule your trip to Disney World and if you should be afraid to travel to any of the Disney theme parks once they reopen.

As for Cast Members in the Cultural Representative Program, they will be helped to return home by April 17, 2020. Disney will help them make travel arrangements and will continue being paid through April 18.

Members of both groups will be invited to return to experience one of the Disney Programs in the future, and even the eligibility requirements will be amended, allowing those who have already graduated to apply once the parks are open again.

​This comes as no shock honestly as the latest rumors say as a best-case scenario the parks will be closed only into June. Since the college students otherwise would be arriving in May and early June, Disney currently would have no need for all these extra workers. Disney already has furloughed its own regular Cast Members this past week, so it doesn’t make sense to bring on even more workers when you can’t afford to pay the ones you already have.



For guests who have already paid upfront for their Disney World annual pass, there are now two options:

  1. Get an extension added on to your annual pass for the number of days the parks are closed.
  2. Get a partial refund for the remaining days left on your pass. More information will be provided soon to how this works.

Before this change, Annual Passholders had their passes automatically extended based on how many days the parks were closed, like option 1. That meant that if the parks end up being closed for 60 days, you will automatically get 60 more days added on to your pass.

This change, however, gives people who are struggling in this economic downturn a chance to take some of that money tied up in their annual pass, and put it towards essentials like food and shelter.

For guests who are on an Annual Pass Monthly Payment Plan, there are also some modifications that might help.

  • Starting April 5, 2020, all upcoming monthly payments for your annual pass will be automatically stopped. All monthly payments will be waived during the Disney World closure period.
  • Disney is also retroactively refunding payments made from the time Walt Disney World closed on March 14 through April 4, 2020.
  • All Annual Pass payments will automatically continue when Disney World reopens.

There is one important thing to note with this option. Annual passes will NOT be extended in this case, because you are now paying for fewer months than before and not a complete year.

If you do want your annual pass payments to be postponed and then picked up again once the parks open, in that case, your Annual Pass expiration date will be extended the number of days the parks are closed for.

​As you can see, Disney is in no rush to reopen and it looks like we have a long road ahead of us still to get back to the parks. We shall keep you posted as and when News comes out!

​The Executive Order – Gives a Moratorium for Renters

​Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order calling a Moratorium for renters. The CARES Act temporarily halts foreclosure and eviction procedures for certain homeowners, rental owners, and renters who are unable to make payments due to COVID-19. While the Act mainly applies to properties with federally-backed mortgages, many cities and states have passed regulations that extend moratoriums on evictions and late fees to more rental properties.​

Please feel free to call or email me if you have any queries at all. I will be happy to assist you further.

Stay safe and well!

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