Long Term Versus Short Term Rental

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The great thing about investing in real estate in Central Florida is that you have a choice of which type of property investment vehicle to buy. In most Communities in the “Disney Zones” you can do both!! Yes, you can either choose to long term let or short term let. This is the very reason why most real estate investors choose to buy in Central Florida because not only do they have this choice but also the sheer fact that Disney world is on their doorstep and it’s a 12 months of the year rental potential and a hugely desirable area for relocators so renting long term is also a great choice other than short term rental. It really depends on your desires as an investor. While both fall under the umbrella of rental property investments, these are two very different ways to put your money to work in real estate. 

Let’s take a look:-

Long Term

  • Consistent income
  • Easier to manage
  • Tenant-paid utilities
  • Fewer maintenance concerns
  • Cheaper property management

Short Term

  • Higher income potential
  • Better maintenance
  • Ability to adjust pricing
  • Personal use
  • Self-management is getting easier

Looking for a long term Property Manager?

Looking for long term rental services in Orlando – If this is the route you chose to go down, then you would need to seek out a Real Estate Broker/Brokerage. For Short term management companies, you don’t need to enlist a Broker or Brokerage, but rather a Vacation Rental Company because they are run as a “hotel management service” typically do not hold a real estate brokers license so cannot work with long term rentals. It is again the Law for them to do so if you they not hold a license. With regards to long term rentals, we can help, we work diligently for our clients to ensure that we find a suitable strong renter for their investment property.

By doing our due diligence with our clients, tenants, and vendors we create a service that exceeds expectations and generates positive referrals. Contact us today to start your journey with a Residential Property Management company that really cares.

Long Term Management

We are a full-service residential property management office licensed to conduct long-term rental activity and capable of meeting all your property management needs. Many of the vacation property management companies in the Disney Orlando area are not licensed to provide these services and put Owners and their properties at risk. 

Contact a Property Manager!

The starting point for many owners is to understand the potential rental income available for their property. To request our “Free Rent Analysis” – Contact us today for your FREE Rental Analysis Report and a FREE Consultation where we can guide you (no obligation) – Email: info@vacayreflorida.com.

Looking for a Short Term Property Manager?

We DO NOT offer short term rental Management as this is more of a “Hotel” service and so we have short term rental management companies in the local areas all around the Disney Zones that you can enlist to help you with the running of your short term rental home. The short term rental vacation home management companies offer different services depending on your needs so it’s best advised to contact several to see which one fits your needs best. Contact us today for our list of recommend providers (we keep a list of the highly recommended Management companies and each year we update it to ensure that our property owner clients get to hook up with the best services to ensure they have a successful short term rental investment experience as possible.

Contact us today for our List: info@vacayreflorida.com

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