Mortgage Loan Forebearance – Is this an Option with your Lender?

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We are receiving a lot of enquiries with regards to our Vacation Home Owners Mortgages and where they stand.

All Lenders have different rules and regulation and so we recommend that you check with your particular Lender to see what options you may have. The call wait is quite long at the moment, but we recommend that you persist to see what options you may have because quite frankly we don’t know how long this pandemic is going to carry on for over here in Florida.

Here is a quality video that I have found on you tube with a full explanation on the CARE act and FOREBEARANCE information on MORTGAGES.

Here is also a Guide sent to me by BankRate, which is really helpful also.

We wish you well and please keep safe and well!

From our Team at Vacay & Co Real Estate

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