NEW LOOK Inside the ‘Moana’ Attraction in EPCOT

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The NEW Moana-themed walk-through attraction —  Journey of Water – Inspired by MOANA — will be opening in just a few months.

The attraction is set to open in the fall of 2023 and will let guests explore the cycle of water. We’ve seen a number of sneak peeks inside the space, and we’ve been keeping a close eye on the construction,  but now we’ve got another update!

Disney has shared a NEW video with a look INSIDE the Moana attraction! Check it out below. It looks like water has made its way to the attraction and filled certain spaces, while some other spots are still actively under construction.

Video Source is below:-

If you want the ultimate relaxing view of the water and the attraction, see the video below. It’s your moment of total zen for today.

The attraction is still a construction zone at the moment and is behind some construction walls, but more and more of it is really starting to come together.

2023 EPCOT Moana Journey of Water Construction 2
Things Are Coming Together

Journey of Water will be a walk-through attraction that is meant to allow you to “engage with” and “explore” water. The experience has been described as a “lush exploration trail” that’ll also teach guests about the importance of the natural water cycle — from the sky to oceans and back around.

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