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Home Buyers Guide

Our Orlando Buyers Guide provides with a crucial insight into buying a vacation home in Orlando. It is a straightforward process even though it may differ from how you would purchase a property in your home state or country.

First of all you need to forget about school districts and commutes to work by replacing them with Short Term Rental Zones and commutes to attractions. These two things are your starting point. If the attractions are too far away or the community is not a designated short term rental community, then everything else from the price, the model, to the community amenities is a moot point.

On the map below each circle represents 6 miles (9.5 km). We have highlighted the most visited attractions and shopping malls, so that you have an immediate gauge as to distances.

Buy Orlando Properties near Disney - Orlando Buyers Guide

Distance is just one of the relevant factors which needs to be considered when purchasing a vacation home in Orlando when you plan to rent it out to tourists.

The majority of tourists will want to be within a few miles of Disney because this is the focal point for family vacations. Both purchase and rental prices the closest to Disney tend to be higher than elsewhere. Just because they are higher doesn’t make a community in this area the best choice for you.

Some of the best performing rental communities are a few more minutes away from the theme parks than you would expect. Their owners get excellent rental occupancy and higher rental returns after expenses have been deducted.

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Our Orlando Buyers Guide explains not only how the buying process works and what to expect. Plus what you will need to take into consideration prior to placing your reservation or deposit on your new Orlando vacation home.

  • The Buying Process
    • Representation, Using a Realtor & MLS
    • HOA’s
    • Short Term Rental Zones
    • Occupancy Rates
    • Resale vs New Homes
    • Your Dream Home May Not Be What You Should Be Buying
    • Determining What You Want From Your Property
    • Negotiations, Reservations & Deposits
    • Cash of Finance
    • Closing On Your Property
  • After Closing
    • Furnishings
    • Property Management & Rental Bookings
    • Property Taxes, Income Tax & Accountants

Our guide is specifically aimed at vacation homes and not residential purchases. Some of the details in our guide are common knowledge, whilst other sections are based on our +30 years of experience in this niche market and information we only provide to our qualified clients.

Prior to sending you our buyers guide, we would like to speak to you first so we have a clear understanding as to what you are looking to purchase.

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