Orlando Sellers Guide

When you are ready to sell your home, our Orlando Sellers Guide provides you with a brief overview of some of the many reasons why you should list your property with us. Buy Orlando Properties has been assisting families in the purchase and sales of vacation homes near Disney for over 30 years. We understand the vacation home market far better than most other agents in Orlando. This allows us to target buyers from out of state and from overseas who are just right for your property.

Our most recent listings all got sold within the space of just a few days.

We know how to get your vacation home in front of qualified buyers. This means that when you list your Disney vacation home with us, it won’t be on the market for long.

Marketing Exposure

Your home will be exposed to prospective buyers through a number of key property portals, the local, state and national MLS and overseas through our partner agents. We also have a large number of websites of our own which target national and international buyers in various languages.

We will listen to you and quickly be able to grasp the financial and emotional reasons in their entirety of why you are selling, where you are going to and the critical price points which could affect that move.

Open Houses

Our Open Houses target real people who have the urgency and a sufficient budget to buy your home.

Buyer Prospecting

We are constantly adding new families to our database of home buyers through our network of websites and partner agents who are established in the U.S and overseas. Our team monitors what our buyers are looking for against the details of your property. This provides us with a huge advantage over other agents who simply put your home on the local MLS and cross their fingers.

Reverse Prospecting

Reverse prospecting is a feature on our local MLS software system which very few realtors know about let alone take advantage of. This can leave you missing out on hundreds of prospective buyers who are already searching for a home like yours. We regularly contact agents who have recently searched for properties which match what you are selling to find out if they have a client ready to make a purchase.

High Quality Photos.

People are very visual by nature and the better your home looks to the prospective buyer, the easier it will be to sell.

Anyone can take a photo, but somehow the photos of someone who takes them for a living always look better, don’t they. It is not always the equipment which makes the difference. Simply the knowledge and experience of a professional.


The property below was built in 2013 and has been successfully rented out since completion. It has 46 weeks of bookings for 2019 and just look at it. Great photographs don’t hide anything. A great house should look like a great house.

A growing number of our clients are buying properties without visiting Orlando. There are two reasons for this:

1: Orlando is extremely busy and when a property paying guests we cannot get prospective buyers into the property.

2: When we take photographs of homes, we take great photos. This allows our buyers to see exactly what the home looks like. They don’t need to visit in person.On occasion we will walk through a home during a video call with the client. This way they can get up close and personal with every aspect of the property.

This is why so many of our homes are sold within days of being listed. They do not sit on the MLS for months like many other listings.


Buyers and sellers have trusted us for nearly 35 years.

We understand that this is all about you and we like it that way.


We are full service Orlando Realtors helping buyers and sellers with all their home buying and selling needs. We work with buyers and sellers of vacation homes, 2nd homes, STR & LTR investment property, 1021 tax exchange & residential homes.

Call or email us to schedule a meeting. Our professional network includes property management, rental bookings, mortgages, accountants, furnishings, title companies and real estate attorneys plus a whole lot more.

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