Pool & Spa Safety Checks for the Summer for your STR Vacation Home!

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Summer is just around the corner! Have you ensured the safety of your pool or spa for your guests?

Pools are one of the highest risk items you can have on your property, but they are also one of the biggest value adds.

If you can invest just a small amount of that added value into safety components, you should end up far ahead while ensuring your guests safety.

Key considerations to keep in mind to ensure your STR is safe as possible!

  1. Electrical Inspection – investing in having your pool checked over by a licensed electrician ensuring that any pool lights. Any pool door alarms to!
  2. Pool Depth Markers – Are your pool depth markers clear enough? This is a liability issue if not. Always good to check this and to make sure that your families with small children are aware of the depth of your pool before they put their little ones in there.
  3. Pool Barriers – Do you have your Pool barriers in tact and in place ready for each guest arrival? or are they pushed off to the side and not put in place? Always great to have this as well as your pool alarm on the patio door in fully working order also.
  4. Water Watcher – Advise the guests to designate a Water Watcher at all times if children are staying in your property and going in the pool – CLICK HERE to download a water watcher card to add into your guests services file in your vacation home.
  5. Rescue Devices – Place rescue devices close to your pool area – check these sporadically throughout the year to ensure they are still fully functioning.
  6. Safety Signs – Check to make sure all your safety signs are up to date with the latest Safety Requirements and Law changes. Ensure that they are all clear.
  7. Added tip – avoid diving boards and slides – goes without saying really, right?

By doing all these checks and ensuring that all is kept up to standard, ensures the safety of all guests.

Here’s to a great Summer and the safety of all guests.

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