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Step 1 –   Choose your Representation

As a Buyer or Seller it is imperative not only to find a Broker or Agent who will work in your best interests but also one that has a strong knowledge of the area you are seeking to buy in.  Also, an Agent or Broker who is au fait with the intricacies of purchasing an investment property or vacation home.   At Vacay & Co Real Estate all our agents are specialists in working with local, out of state and international buyers and sellers and have high knowledge of the areas they work in and are highly trained to give you the best possible buying experience!  All our Agents are also highly trained in negotiations and the closing process and we endeavor to gain you the best negotiations as possible along with a smooth and timely closing for your property purchase.

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Step 2 – Start your Property Search

Your Broker or Agent will first and foremost set up an Initial Consultation with you either in person or over the phone or on a Zoom call.    All your property needs and desires will be discussed along with the strategies for purchase in line with any real estate market changes.   As soon as all your property needs are set out a property search customized to your property needs and price range will be set up for you.  

As soon as you are ready to start the home buying process a property search will be set up for you to spend time viewing homes in your criteria.  Your agent will accompany you to view all the houses that are on your showing list and it won’t be long until you find the perfect match. 

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Step 3 – Making an Offer

At this point you have found the perfect home!   Your agent will work with you to show you the stats of the community and local area to assist you in ascertaining what you would like to offer and will go ahead and work hard to negotiate the best price and terms for you.  The negotiation phase can take some time but will be well worth it when a great price and terms are negotiated for you.  

The next step as soon as both parties have agreed on the price and terms, we can then move forward with executing and signing the contract and the necessary paperwork.

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Step 4 – Home Inspection

As soon as the contract is fully negotiated and sign by both parties, a home inspection is ordered for the Buyer.   Contracts for buyers will always have a home inspection contingency to protect the buyer with a certain timeframe to have a full home inspection completed.  

This stage in the closing process the buyer will be guided by the home inspector and also the Agent and if the buyer can attend the home inspection, this will be arranged.  If not, the Agent or Broker will attend in the buyers absence and will arrange a zoom video meeting at the time of inspection so that the buyer can be connected and be part of the home inspection process of the home.  We can recommend several inspection companies and it is your choice to choose from this list.  We  can coordinate on your behalf with your chosen inspection company.

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Step 5 – Preparations for your closing date

As soon as all the contingencies to the contract have been met we can work towards a successful and timely closing date for you.    The timeframe to closing differs, for cash buyers it is on average 4 weeks or a financing buyer average 6 – 8 weeks.    We work hard to ensure a smooth and timely closing.  International buyers  at this point chose a commercial currency company and arrange an exchange and transfer of funds in readiness for the closing (2 weeks prior to close).   

One week prior to closing your chosen Title Company will send over a Prelim Closing Statement for your perusal in readiness for the closing date and your funds will be in place at the title company in readiness to close.

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Step 6 – Closing Day

Closing day has arrived and a walkthrough will be arranged (if you are not in town your agent will complete this on your behalf).   The walkthrough is completed in order to ensure that the property and the contents according to the contract are acceptable to the buyer).     As soon as your agent has reported back to you and you are happy to proceed, the title company will go ahead and complete the closing and all funds will be disbursed.    The key for your new home will then be released to you (if you are not in town,  to your agent or new property manager, whomever you have instructed to manage your home on your behalf).

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Home Buyers Guide

Our Guide outlines the whole of the buying process from A to Z. We offer buyer representation, helping you to find your dream home or investment property. We begin with working with you to find a suitable property based on your investment needs and criteria and then guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

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Our Guide outlines the whole property buying process from start to finish.


At Vacay & Co Real Estate we are here to represent your best interests and to ensure that you have a first class buying and selling experience from start to finish.  We will offer excellent communications and we work with full integrity, respect and work with excellence for all our clients.

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