Scam Alert – targeting property owners in Osceola/Lake/Polk County

scam alert


Recently a number of Polk/Lake/Osceola County Residents received letters from Record Transfer Services and others explaining the need for homeowners to have a copy of their Current Grant Deed and Property Assessment Profile. The letter states that copies of these documents may be obtained through them for a fee that exceeds the cost necessary for you to obtain the information yourself.

Your local Property Appraiser’s office wants you to know that property records and deeds provided by Record Transfer Services and any other similar companies may be obtained online for little or no cost to you.

Please either contact your local appraisers office to request these or contact us and we can put you directly in touch with your local office to request these.   Be very wary of paying anything to these types of companies when you can receive these for little or a low cost directly from the appraisers office yourself.


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