Shifting with the every Real Estate Market for a Successful Sale!

When it comes to selling your property, the key is to set your home up for a successful and smooth closing. Yes the market is still a sellers market (only just though, it’s shifting already)! In a shifting market, there are protocols that need to be put into place for a successful sale.

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Vacation Home on Moon Valley Drive, Davenport

Preparing your Home ready to List

First things first, making sure that your home maintenance is all up to date, i.e. aircon fully serviced, pool equipment functioning and maintained, carpets cleaned, deep cleaning, interior paintwork if needed, exterior cracks filled and sealed and exterior paint if need. Then presenting your property the best way possible, which isn’t typically much of a problem because most properties in our area are short term rental homes and tend to be well kept and presented really well. However, when it comes to selling, all the maintenance jobs that maybe you didn’t get around to doing will really set your home up for a successful sale. Believe me, nothing gets past a home inspector, they are very thorough and it can mean a different between a successful sale and a buyer walking away because of items that were not seen by the eye at the viewing, however, will cost the buyer a substantial investment to put right after their purchase, I’ll get more into detail about the inspection further along.

Sold July 2022

Ready to List – Next Steps

So let’s get to the next step. When a buyer comes forwards and puts an offer on your home, once the price is negotiated and agreed along with the terms of the sale, a home inspection is then ordered (this is similar to a home buyers report in the UK), so it’s very in depth and literally everything functioning in the home is checked and put into the report. The buyer always has a home inspection contingency within the contract to protect them just incase there are any things that can’t be visibly seen by the eye, that may need to be addressed and some of those items can be deemed to be urgent. If that is the case, then these items will be required to be fixed prior to closing before the buyer moves forwards. So by setting yourself up for a successful sale from the get go is really the best way to plan for your sale.

The Marketing of your Home

So, now that you have done all the necessary maintenance work on your home. What’s the next step? All of the listing paperwork is completed and the photographer is then booked (we include 50 HD pics, a floating tour & an aerial shot) for all our listings.

Whilst these are being completed, we set to work on the marketing of your home. We have a SUCCESS MARKETING STRATEGY for all our listings. Please contact us for a Private Consultation (no obligation) – it’s FREE totally worth taking advantage of because it will set you up for a successful sale & a premium priced offer and the best terms (please see example of our consistent results below).

Vacay & Co Real Estate Deliver Consistent Results! – August 2022

During your Consultation I will share with you our strategies and you will see why and how we bring in offers on our listings and achieve consistent sold prices are a premium compared to the last sold comparables in the same zip code and similar sized property along with the best terms & conditions to ensure a smooth and timely closing.

It is necessary to have great knowledge of the market trends and conditions, instead of just using a cookie cutter approach that many agents use and don’t adapt to changing market conditions due to lack of training. Each month and each year, the market shifts and so, we as sales experts, shift with the market to ensure that our sellers gain a premium price along with the best terms & conditions for their sale. It is also important to work with a Brokerage that specializes in the type of property that you own, i.e. a vacation home. Also check that your Brokerage is used to dealing with FIRPTA and international buyers and sellers.

Our Team at Vacay & Co Real Estate have collectively over 30 years experience in real estate and real estate investing as well as negotiating & sales expert experience with international clientele. We are here to assist you in the best way possible.

Even if you are not thinking of selling just yet, still take advantage of our FREE Consultation so that you can start making a plan of action for setting your home up ready to sell. After the Consultation we will send you over a FREE Guide – Set your House up For a Successful Sale – so that you can follow the steps.

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SOLD in July 2022

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