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5706 Loma Vista Drive, Davenport, FL.

4 Beds / 3 Baths – Heated Swimming Pool & Spa – Fully Furnished.

LIST PRICE: $249,950

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There are still lots of buyers seeking property in our Local area!

Don’t be dismayed by the current Covid 19 situation. We have buyers (350 on our list are counted as prospective serious buyers) planning on coming over in the next 12 months! PLUS there are a lot of buyers just waiting for the right property to come along and they will buy sight unseen!

Why, you may ask? Well, main reason being that in the past year there has been such a shortage of listings for buyers to choose from so a lot of buyers have come to Florida for a property search and returned back to their respected homes empty handed due to not finding the right property OR loosing out on a property because another buyer snipped it before they had a chance to.

These buyers are still out there waiting and most of them know exactly where they want to buy and type of property and Community and floor plan type already chosen, just waiting for one to come to the market.

So even though we are in lock down right now, it’s not going to be forever and a lot of buyers are happy to purchase sight unseen due to having great buyer representative to assist them with the sight unseen buying process.

Also, conventional loans are still on offer from the Lenders and it’s still business as usual with Title companies and mortgage Lenders throughout the USA. In our industry we are well versed with working whole transactions online and have done so for quite a few years now, so we don’t have to adapt to this climate because we already work online for all the property buying and selling processes. So if you are thinking of selling your vacation home, don’t be dismayed by the current situation.

We are going under contract each day still with our listings!

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