Sufficient Pool Liability Insurance for your Vacation Home?



With yet again another very sad story about a young girl losing her life in a pool drowning this past week, it breaks my heart first and foremost to think about how it could have been prevented and the “if only’s”, which I am sure her parents/family are living with every hour of the day since her death.

In all the years that I have been living and working here in Central Florida and specifically working with vacation home owners, I can never stress enough, how important it is for owners to take charge and responsibility when it comes to putting  “measures” in place to ensure the upmost safety of families staying in their home with children.   Ok, yes you can get the liability insurance (which is imperative), but the most important thing is to safeguard a home for guests to ensure that measures are in place to prevent this from happening as much as possible.

I myself, a Mother of 3, know only too well, that simply pool fencing is not enough to deter and prevent fully a drowning and so I have always recommended a door alarm on each outside door and a pool fencing and notices inside and outside (not just inside a folder,  many people don’t bother reading), stating the dangers and the responsibility for adults to be present at all times with their children when they are playing by the pool.

There are plenty of insurance agents in the vacation home area.  One in particular that is on our list of recommended agents has recently written this article below, which I would like to share with you.  I do hope that you find this useful and please go ahead and email myself for a list of our recommended agents or please contact 4 corners below, who have always been very helpful indeed to our villa owner clients.

Article from 4 Corners Insurance

Liability insurance is important in the event that someone files a lawsuit against you in an attempt to collect financial compensation for damages. Damages can range from physical injury to death. Landlords can be held liable when a tenant or visitor is injured due to the landlords negligence, a property maintenance issue results in an injury, and much more. Most homeowner policies include $100,000 or $300,000 of liability protection, we recommend that rental properties and pool owners increase the liability amount to $1 million of liability coverage with an umbrella policy.  This increase is as little as 54 cents a day. Pools open up the homeowner to added liability and the homeowner is responsible for anyone who uses the pool, even a stranger  who decides to jump the fence and cool off in your pool. 4 Corners Insurance specializes in short term rental, long term rental, and seasonal insurance policies. We would be happy to review your existing policy or add a 1 million liability umbrella policy.

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