Peter Dicker, Monmouthshire, Wales

  • 3 years ago
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My family and I have known Michelle since a lucky encounter last year whilst searching for property in the Orlando. I use the expression lucky, as I believe it was indeed a stroke of extreme good luck that we chanced upon Michelle. I cannot imagine searching for, and finding, someone who ticks as many boxes, and with a smile on their face. Michelle has guided us through the minefield of what is after all an adventure in a new country. She has helped us through disappointments (not of her creation) and seen us to our objective of picking out an outstanding villa that we are extremely happy with. My family and myself consider Michelle both as a motivated, knowledgeable and motivated professional, but also now, a friend. I can honestly say that every meeting with Michelle is a pleasure. She is one of life’s ‘good people’ and I have no doubt is destined to be a huge success.
~ Peter Dicker, Monmouthshire, Wales

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