The Greenwood Family, UK

  • 2 years ago
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Thank goodness for Michelle Baydemir! My husband and I had wanted to purchase a property in Orlando for many years and finally got around to booking the flights for April 2007 to go and find the house of our dreams. We had been taking family holidays in Orlando for many years and never really thought that it would be possible to buy a property out there. Michelle was so helpful, even before we left London to go and look at the properties. Michelle did a really good job and we found a property within a week. Michelle is an excellent agent and friend who we are still in contact with and will meet up with when we go to the house. We definitely recommend Michelle to anyone thinking of purchasing a house in Orlando. It is great to meet someone who is helpful, friendly and not just out to make a sale but who helps you to find your dream house. Many Thanks Michelle.
~ The Greenwood Family, UK

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