Walt Disney World Debuts ‘God of the Vikings’ Exhibit

god of vikings

The new exhibit is called “Gods of the Vikings” and has officially debuted at the Stave Church Gallery in Norway.  The exhibit will introduce the Norse gods to guests and allow them to learn about their history.  It is included in regular park admission to Epcot, too!


The legendary Norse gods and goddesses were what also inspired the ancient Vikings of Scandinavia in how they lived and went about making decisions.  The most popular of the Viking gods include Thor, Odin, Freyja and Loki, and you can learn about all of them at the exhibit.  There will be a variety of different Viking artifacts on display for guests to view.


The Norse gods and goddesses were very real to the Vikings and were an important part of how they lived from day to day.  Guests will be able to see just how the different gods within Norse mythology had this impact and explained the world as they knew it.


Who else can’t wait to check out this amazing exhibit?  Do you typically stop by the Stave Church Gallery when you visit the Norway pavilion?

Photo and Source Credit:  Disney Parks Blog

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