What are the Currency Predictions During and After the Elections?

 Thanks to Brian Bernal at Moneycorp for the following prediction information he has sent to our Office this weekmoneycorp currency exchange Orlando

The upcoming election in the US will undoubtedly be a historic one.  The race is very close with either outcome being an enormous deal.  Will it be political outsider Donald Trump, or the first ever woman president Hillary Clinton?  It is too soon to say at this stage but it looks like either outcome will result in repeated USD strength.   The main focus in the post quantitative easing era with regards to currencies is  on Central Banks.  The Federal Reserve in the US has been hinting towards a December rate hike to follow its initial rate hike earlier this year.  This will result in further USD strength against all other currencies.  There is not a single country that will front run the FED’s rate hikes.  All have openly stated so. 


While gathering the pieces post Brexit, the Bank of England is not in a position to raise rates.  They have been leaning towards cutting but currently positioned in a neutral stance while digesting the economic data post Brexit. 

Levels to watch for the GBP/USD: 

The post Brexit low is 1.2878 this level has yet to be broken and it is tough to say if it will be.  The GBP/USD will be range bound for the time being between 1.29 and 1.35 and I am anticipating this to be consistent through the election.   If the post Brexit low is punctured with conviction, 1.25 is certainly a possibility.


The Bank of Canada is contemplating cutting their rates further to ease the slight recession last year and are also digesting current economic data. 

 Levels to watch for the CAD/USD:

 The low of the year for the CAD/USD is .6824 which took place at the beginning of the year.  The CAD/USD is looking range bound also in the .74 to .78 range and I am anticipating this to be consistent through the election. 

 As always, we are watching every tick with curious anticipation in this historic time.  Please feel free to contact me for further analysis or if you are looking to transfer funds in the short-term. 


Many thanks from our Team for this information from Moneycorp.

Here is Brian Bernal’s Contact information should you wish to open a moneycorp account or talk to him further about the currency exchange predictions etc.

Brian Bernal  – Account Manager – Direct phone:  407 352 5890.

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