What is a Home Inspection and Why is it Necessary when Buying or Selling a Vacation Home?

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Home inspections are a necessary part of Buying or Selling a Property.

Every home buyer needs Home Inspections in Central Florida, regardless of how new or how good the property you are thinking of buying looks.  A good Home Inspector will always find property deficiencies, even on brand new construction homes.

There are different types of Home Inspections to choose from and it is always your decision on what to inspect or which Home Inspector to hire.  We always help with recommendations, so that you can get the right home inspections in Central Florida…

At minimum, a comprehensive inspection by a Florida Licensed and Certified Home Inspector is needed.

A Comprehensive Home Inspection is a general overview of the components of the home; roof, air conditioner, electrical, plumbing, pool, appliances and more…

The Cost of Home Inspections

Here are approximate costs for home inspections in Central Florida.  A basic Home Inspection will cost between $300 and $600 for a typical home.  A large Million Dollar Home Inspection can be $1000+.

There will also be a WDO report for Wood Destroying Organism (commonly called a Termite report), which includes termites, powder post beetles, ants and rotten wood.  Cost approximately $100-150.

A Septic system certification to evaluate the integrity of the homes septic tank and drain field is done to make sure there are no deficiencies.  Cost approximately $300-400.

There may be Extra Home Inspections in Central Florida

Depending upon the condition of the house, the home size, property value, and extra features of the residence, the home buyer may choose to have additional exhaustive Home Inspections by licensed contractors for multiple A/C units, Structure, Elevators, Landscape lights, Koi Ponds, Gas Lamps, Lutron System, convenience items or a roofing contractor to walk a high or steep roof to view places that have not been viewed or evaluate a roof that is beyond the scope of a general inspection.

Home Inspection Professionals charge a fee for additional home inspections, depending upon the complexity of the home inspection needed for example if a property has a septic tank, then there would be a separate inspection of that carried out.

Take a look at this Video Explainer courtesy of 2020 Inspection Solutions.

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