Why It Pays to Sell Your Vacation Home with Furniture

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If you’re planning to sell your Orlando vacation home, you may be wondering what to do with all your furniture. You could sell the individual pieces, move them to your primary residence, or donate them to a local charity. But a growing number of homeowners are including their furniture as part of the home’s sale.

The option of buying a home that’s already furnished can be especially appealing to buyers, especially if they plan to generate income by using the property as a short-term rental home or if they are relocating from another State or Country and wish to live in the home.

A Furnished Home Can be Easier to Sell

Potential buyers want to envision what their new home will look like. Including your furniture makes it easy to stage your home in a way that helps buyers decide if your home is right for them.

Buyers may be more likely to choose your home, and a furnished home simplifies the process of buying a vacation home and deciding how to furnish it.

Is Your Home in the Right Location to Sell Furnished?

A home buyer may be looking for a home to use periodically throughout the year, and it may not be worth it to them to buy a new set of furniture. It’s most likely that buyers looking to use their properties as short-term vacation rentals will be more inclined to choose a home that’s already furnished.

Homes that are located in neighborhoods primarily occupied by long-term renters can also be easily sold fully furnished. Home investors can buy the home and put it on the rental market quickly, and there are plenty of renters looking for furnished homes.

Selling Your Home with Furniture Can Make Your Life Easier

Including your furniture as part of your home’s sale can make your life easier if you’re looking to downsize to a smaller property. If you’re relocating and want to purchase a new vacation home in a different city or state, selling your property with furniture can help you avoid the cost and inconvenience of hiring movers to transport your furniture.

Selling your home fully-furnished can generate a higher selling price, which can help you earn extra money on the sale of your vacation home and offset other expenses. Consulting with a real estate professional is the best way for homeowners to maximize the return on the sale of their Orlando vacation home. Contact us today for more information: Tel (321) 284 3600. Or Email: info@vacayreflorida.com to arrange a FREE Phone Consultation.

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