Yes it really is a Good time to Sell? Or to kick start your Sale!

homesellers pack

Our Real Estate Services to you can continue – albeit we do have to do some pivoting!

There are still sight unseen buyers (who are still waiting to buy a property) – These types of buyers came to town couldn’t find a property (most likely because we have been so short of inventory this past 12 months!) – These types of buyers know what they are looking for and more likely to purchase “sight unseen”.

Also, we market to locals! There are still locals that are looking for a home and they are already planning POST – Covid – 19. This outbreak won’t be around forever (thanking God for this).

It’s a great time to kick start the marketing for your property to locals who are still looking or will pounce on a property as soon as the Outbreak finishes! OR what at the future buyers who are planning to come to Florida in June on wards!! They are looking ONLINE!! Planning and searching!

Contact us today for this FREE SELLERS PACK! Giving you lot’s of hints & tips – how to gain a Premium for your Property!!

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